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Furnished studio apartment, Wellington city - relax in more privacy than a hotel can offer and save on accommodation. The inner city location is within an easy stroll to shops, restaurants, cafes and CBD.



Furnished Studio Apartment in Vivian St, Wellington


The location in Vivian St and the self contained studio is best for somebody who is on business trip, attends training courses, works on contracts or is a traveler by visiting Wellington.

Klauster Properties Limited


DUEL Apartments at Vivian St

is a small, purpose built building that meets the latest standards for earthquake safety, security and has got a welcoming climate.


The furnished studio is on top level 5, has got a deck that faces a quiet side-street (Swan Lane) north with all day sun. The location is within an easy stroll to the inner city and Cuba Street and waterfront.


The Studios are comfortable accommodation, self-contained with everything you might need like white-ware (dishwasher, washing machine/dryer, fridge/freezer) and household items (Toaster, Microwave, Vacuum Cleaner, Iron, etc).  Optional you can choose bedding, towels, laundry, and alike.



For bookings email us or call now +64 21 181 2073

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