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Hotels are easy to book for short-term accommodation, but what is with less expensive alternatives like serviced apartments and furnished flats offering more space and privacy?


Renting Furnished

Managed Apartments, Furnished Flats or Hotels

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Managed furnished accommodation or hotel


For short-term accommodation choosing a hotel is often the first choice because of the ambience and it is easy to book. By choosing hotel accommodation you choose star rated quality, accept room service, dining out as opposed to prepare your own meals but miss out on saving options that furnished flats and self-contained units do offer.


For people who look for more privacy and quite enjoyment the alternative is staying in a serviced apartment which offers the hotel-like amenities. One step further is looking at managed and furnished accommodation. Our self-contained units are designed for people who are looking for short and medium terms e.g. doing contract work, on business travel or in transition to change career and lifestyle.


Travellers who try to avoid normal morning noise on the hotel floor, room service  or crowded budget accommodation have only one problem—finding quality accommodation. That becomes easier too because of online services specialized in short-term accommodation, serviced apartment, furnished flats and self-contained units. We advertise our managed accommodations which are less expensive than equivalent hotel rooms only on the Internet—and here is why.



Furnished flats or managed city apartments

With a difference


Quality—all our furnished flats and city apartments are modern furnished and have everything you might need while exploring your travel destination or working on a time limited assignment.


Location—our city apartments are located close to CBD, shops and restaurants, our furnished rentals are within one or two bus zones close to the city. Maximum distance is 15 minutes by bus to town. Health conscious people can walk that distance or at least one bus stop or two to enjoy views, fresh air and good fitness.


Saving options—furnished accommodation has benefits when travelling with partner by preparing own meals and enjoying  more space and privacy.



Value for money and special weekend rates


Our furnished accommodations suit both for business or leisure and are good value for money on a range of self-contained units and apartments for short to medium term stays.  When renting as second residence for instance to attend courses or business trips we offer special discounts when going home over weekends.


All our furnished accommodation are modern decorated, with fully equipped kitchen, laundry, also electronics like TV/video and Internet. From safety point of view you will find smoke alarms and fire extinguishers and the apartment building meets the latest building standards in terms of earthquake safety and access security.


You may choose towels, linens and cushions, actually you’ll only bring your travel luggage –everything else can be organized for you. Normal rates include hot water, heating, electricity, but if you wish you can sign up for services individually. After all, we make it easy for you —no hidden costs and agent fees.


Rent or Own - Decision at some stage in life?

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furnished flats and self-contained unitsHotel = short-term accommodation

Renting self-contained units and apartments with us


We started renting out furnished apartments in 2009 as the exception for people from overseas.  Two years later because of many enquiries for the Rugby World Cup in 2011 we intensified this part of the business. Travellers from overseas book by using our website, business people like our studio apartments and nurses who attend courses at the hospital book furnished accommodation close to Newtown. 


On feedbacks people expressed their satisfaction with our hassle-free services. But even better, why not taking us to a test?


TIP: Known from hotel accommodation, a star rating for furnished accommodation does not exist—so, do your homework like reference checks and ask questions before booking. Good luck.



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Furnished accommodation, modern and comfortable

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