What is RSS, how to use RSS Feeds and how to setup for Klauster Blog updates? How to use the advantages of RSS feeds for subscribers?



Using RSS for Klauster Blog Post Updates

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Content reading on the web—Receive automated updates


Here is something that may make your life easier. When using RSS for your preferred reading on the Internet, updates will be automatically delivered  to your reader without visiting these selected websites, blogs, etc. It is easy to use and the free reader on your mobile device (or computer) you would choose as part of the setup procedure. For using RSS you would visit your selected website once, subscribe the content you like and the rest does the selected reader for you.


I always struggled finding updates and news without falling into information overload. It is just too much out there. Since using RSS I get what I want without browsing the Internet and wasting time. Stay focused, there is not time enough to read everything.



What is RSS and why to use it?


RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication (Rich Site Summary) and is actually a notification system – it sends you alerts when updates to your favorite sites are made available. You would use it if you want to be informed about latest news or whatever you are interested in.


Rather than waiting for an e-mail, if you have subscribed to an emailing list, you go to RSS feeds display and you can read the latest updates, even offline if you prefer to.


The nicest part is you can subscribe to multiple blog sites or news groups.  Everything comes to your reader (a single page) that saves really a lot of time. The RSS feeds come in the form of headlines and with short descriptions, it is easy to scan the headlines and select only those stories you are interested in.



Automated content delivery for Renter’s Blog


Just from the beginning of hosting, when moving our blogs onto our own site we made our posts available for RSS readers. That puts the distribution of new posts and updates on autopilot and we leave it with you choosing to receive regular updates. The only thing we changed several times are the icons to subscribe our RSS feeds, and here is how:



Setup for Klauster Blog Feeds


RSS readers are available for your Internet device and mostly free to use. The only thing you need to find on the source website is the RSS icon, click on it to start the setup procedure. That is all.


The standard icon for RSS is orange but at the end everybody can have a customized design, it is just a picture. The Internet is a crazy place, you know that.


Step1— Start the setup by clicking on the RSS-icon

(e.g. click ob Rent or Own and the screen below appears)



















Step2— Choose your reader and ready to go

Your RSS configuration depends on your chosen reader but it will work with all web feeds instantly. You can arrange the RSS feeds like email folders, set alerts and so on. In this example below I used “My Yahoo” - easy to use if you have got a Yahoo email account.

Good luck





























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