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House hunting for a rental


The idea to summarize some tips for finding a rental came out of a discussion were I joint a round talking about experiences finding a “good” rental home. The key questions are—are you prepared to make compromises and what is the plan (renting long-term, on budget, or just to bridge time)?


I would house hunting split in two separate steps; finding a vacancy that ticks all boxes and preparing a checklist for viewing and meeting the agent/landlord. When the market is tight landlords are picky.  Property managers are strict as they have commonly more applicants than vacancies.


Finding a vacant rental


Online house hunting is much easier now than it was in the past when driving around.  Advertisements with photographs and descriptions give  enough information to do some due diligence on the area and the advertiser. For the Millennials are many smartphone applications for  house hunting  on the market. Everyone with basic knowledge will find search tools for finding rentals by location, price and type. Think of Trademe, Google Street View,  classified ads, estate agency websites.


It makes really sense to spend some time on online search to exclude properties in undesirable location, poor neighbourhood,  bad public transport, remote to schools and work. When comparing housing costs you always include such expenses for commuting, public transportation, and healthy living, don’t you?


The property listings are regular updated and when setting an alert on your favourite website you receive email notifications and save time and money. You would define your search criteria to spend only time on rentals that meet your requirements. For a rental that ticks all your boxes the next step would be to get a confirmation of the vacancy. That is important  because of latency periods of advertisements before they are removed from the web. If still vacant, you need to meet with the agent/landlord for viewing and to launch your application. Needless to say, you won’t get a second chance to make a first impression. So follow these tips.



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Meeting the agent/landlord and viewing the rental property


Obtaining an appointment for viewing a rental property is the next step in getting a foot in the door.  When people spend time with you, that is your chance to shine. Be confident  as nobody has a spotless life.  But a bad credit history, tenancy disputes orders, debt collection records and fake referees are real obstacles. Many landlords have been burned. Forming a functional relationship is for both parties essential.


As in previous articles pointed out it is a winning attitude being prepared and agents/landlords love it when the applicant has everything at hand. It makes you stand out from the crowd because not everyone will do it. From landlord point of view there is nothing worse than having invited someone who is not prepared or not on time.




A good home makes a difference in life


Preferred tenants care for their reputation. Due to computerization in these days everything is under scrutiny, in what neighborhood you live, your appearance, and not to forget your social media profile. If you can link everything to a real person, you will be able  to rent a good home. The rents for good homes are not cheap but they save you a fortune in terms of lower running costs, good health and comfort, and provide a lifestyle in social sound neighborhoods.




Take away

The computer age was meant to give us more time or freedom, better productivity and security, but changed the way we live. In reality we work longer, harder and everything is under scrutiny like the tenant screening process.


Finding a good rental is not the problem anymore, the problem is to get it. Renting starts with maintaining a good reputation, forming relationships and being classified as “preferred tenant”. It is similar to a good marriage. For being a good husband you don’t need to study the Relationship Act, do you? Look at the whole picture of life,  accept that the renting culture has changed for good reasons. Good luck




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