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The Internet changed businesses and people, have property investors and landlords changed too? Renters and house hunters are searching online, is your website the centre of your business? If not, some tips to get started.


Good Renters searching online

Having a Website or missing out


Renters and Buyers have changed

Why would investors change too?


Years back I thought I donít need a website for local services . And still I use existing online advertisers and real estate agents to access prospective buyers, tenants and home owners. But why then did I change my mind and maintain my own company website?


Well, the housing market is changing all the time and more importantly people change with it.† What is happening relates to all life changing situations. Technology gives people easy access to information for guiding their decision making. We watch the weather forecast,† compare services, and we look for information to predict a possible outcome.† That is why potential tenants and house hunters prefer services that are present online for following reasons;


Good earning renters and house hunters use technology


Almost everyone uses the Internet and that also to search for local services, products and information by using Smartphones, tablets or computers to make decisions. Sophisticated people donít spend hours for nothing browsing the Internet. For instance when using an alert service you get vacancies, new listed homes for sale etc delivered to your mail box. It is as easy as that!

Investors/Landlords gain credibility by having a website


Certainly an advertisement is a starting point for house hunting, but what is the next step?

Do you expect people ringing you up and if so, are you available after business hours? Although the first point of contact is important, however, crucial is the convenience to be found 24/7 and the ability to respond to enquiries. If you donít have an established online identity, that is one of the fastest ways to lose credibility as a business and the interest of good tenants. The impression might be out of touch and not service friendly.



Connect with potential tenants or house hunters


People turn to the internet when they need a problem solver or search for something. Your newsletter on the WEB, blog posts or photographs illustrating your offers that works like a billboard to attract people. We do link advertisements† and information on our website. That resulted in good tenancies with renters who approached us with their needs for planning ahead. A website is available 24/7 even when the office is closed. Convenience is a great help for house hunters and business alike.



Building and maintaining a website is easier and cheaper than ever before


Even if you arenít tech-savvy or creative, you can use simple web publishing tools to build your own website and make changes at any time. Publishing web services often offer everything for an easy start. What would you need to get started?


Domain Name

If you don't already have a domain name (your representation on the Internet), get one to be registered for your (online) business. For the registration find an online service that suits you like REGISTER.COM.

Your domain name is your identifier pointing to your IP address with your website data. The domain name then is used in URLs to access your Web pages over the Internet.


Web Content and Web Builder

The first step towards your web design is defining your online business model, how to† present your business information (website content).

With a collection of photographs and information you would choose a web builder like WIX.COM to design your first version of your website.† There are plenty of different web builder tools on the market and your choice is selecting one for free or with subscription fee and support.


Website hosting

The host for your website is the location and storage of your website data. Again you can choose services for free and professional ones with support and subscription fees. Find here some hosting services.


If you follow these three steps your website will be up and running in no time, but then over time tuning it for best results will become lots of learning by doing.




Place your website in the centre of your business


Often misunderstood, the online presence is not only about advertising anymore. People search the Internet for certain needs, look for problem solvers or try to find information and services they can trust.


Placing your website in the centre of your business means maintaining a central point of contact, which is convenient for people who are interested in your brand and services. We get more enquiries since publishing our views as blog posts and our readers feel encouraged to agree or disagree with our views.




Be moderate with your expectations


The online media hype makes it quite difficult to find a smooth path from the online start to expected online attention of a new website. Website developers, SEO (search engine optimization) and hosting services compete for their share.


The Internet is like a jungle and the incredible large volume of information, the rating on search engines like GOOGLE (to be found) is a time delay for success. It will take considerable time to get a new website on search engines indexed and ranked on one of the first ranking lists.† So, being patient is one strategy or alternatively spending money for using SEO services is the other.



Word of encouragement

It requires some practice to satisfy online users and lots of patience (or money) to be found on online ranking lists. Also, do not under-estimate resources to keep your website up-to-date to accommodate changes in business and market place.


If you use your online presence to stream-line your business operation and to be positioned in the property market, the chances for a successful transition are pretty good.† Good luck




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