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Why do people on salary or wages never make Lifetime Money and why is investing in Passive Income from rental properties a proven concept to wealth and prosperity?



Passive Income from Rental Properties

A Proven Concept for Wealth and Prosperity

Landlord the dream job to wealth and prosperity?


Active property investors need a lot of hands on experiences when acting as landlord. Sure, it is not everyone’s dream job because managing properties is time consuming, certainly gets in the way of your day job and is challenging your ability to deal with people’s issues.  Well, it is common business practice what you can do yourself, or to engage a service agent for doing it for you, right?


Illustrated at the beginning of this blog, setting up rules and investment strategies can make it or break it to become wealthy. Cash-flow matters if you want to build up a landlord business to replace the income from your day job.  Also for expanding you need to build an asset base using capital growth. Needless to say for hiring a property manager or letting agent you will find several good reasons such as leveraging time, dealing with remote location, or using other people’s expertise.


Everything you do comes with a price tag and that makes the difference at the end of the day.  Property investors are cash-flow poor and asset rich. To increase your cash on hand situation you could work harder in your day job or reduce costs by streamlining your business as investor—what is your strategy?


Actually I did both! Improving the cash-flow from investments gave me the option to quit my day job at an early stage. If that also is your intention, you would not leave your core business to other people to deal with. Successful professionals think like you and take care of their own business first. 



Business for “Passive Income” or “Lifetime Money”


Setting up your property portfolio correctly you would build your “money machine” that will one day comfortably replace your day job income. As seen above it works if you treat your property investments as a business. You limit the extend of your business by your business structure. This is not going to be easy because of the constraints you deal with.


But it is worth doing while people on salary or wages will never make Lifetime Money. They are going to be working during their lifetime for money with limited funding to retire. The average person is not willing to go the extra mile or not able to setup themselves for “passive income”.


My point here is, the “money machine” only works for you, if you can eliminate your time and money wasters.  Compounding growth rates have the power to increase your equity and cash position together as engine to drive your journey to wealth and prosperity.




Vision the ultimate goal


Having a successful property investment business, what comes next? Well, only few of us reach that maturity level to build a property investment enterprise. In fact quite opposite to DIY strategies, preached before to “reduce costs, streamline the business, take control”, enterprise thinking is leverage on grand scale.


In contrast, an enterprise business structure employs professionals to run residential, commercial and industrial property investments. Business owners have to switch over from cumulating wealth to invest wealth in pursuing a vision.




Sum Up

Take pride of your properties, tenancies and Lifetime Money.  You have been working hard for your investments to subsidise tenants’ lifestyle and for wealth and prosperity.  Everything you know today is no guarantee for success tomorrow. Investing in properties is constant change. Have a look what the Election 2017 may bring for changes. Good luck.


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Passive Income from rental properties - a proven concept to wealth and prosperity