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For the first-time landlord using an agent, property manager or not what are the consequences? Stay the liabilities with the property investor when outsourcing responsibilities?



Novice Investorís Liabilities

First-Time Landlordís Preparation to fill a Vacancy


Steps of preparation for the first tenancy



You purchased your first investment property. That is just the start and not quite the time to sit back. For the novice investor who starts as first-time landlord it is a big job to get the head around everything before signing up the first tenant. The clock is ticking as prolonging the vacancy rate is burning money by increasing holding costs. As checklist following steps show the workload;





 Cleaning up property and chattels to attract good tenants

 Advertising the vacancy and working through the tenant screening process

 Open homes and viewings for prospective tenants

 Down loading the Residential Tenancy Act, related forms such as bond lodgement and refund forms, and follow the Tenancy Servicesí recommendations

 Preparing the paper work like tenancy agreement, customized clauses and conditions and move-in inspection report


Busy investors can outsource† landlordís duties by engaging a property manager. Often overlooked the part liabilities stays with the property investor.





 For the investment property;

 Payments to the bank, council fees, levies for local government services and insurance


 For the investment structure;

 Compliance and administration costs for partnerships, company and trusts, fees for financial records, taxation (GST, RWT, FBT) and income tax


 For business operation;

 Legal obligations for a solely investor/partnership, trust and/or company structure and legal frame work for engaged contractors, trades people, builders, property managers and tenancy law



Cash-flow or capital gain


Cash-flow or capital gain property that decision is part of the purchase decision when accepting the purchase price. The general rule of thumb is that properties in areas with strong capital gain are cash-flow negative. The opposite are multi-unit properties.

Negative cash-flow means the outgoings (expenses) resulting in loss.† Depending on the ownership structure you might be able to offset those losses against the taxable income from other income and employment.† But you can do more than that.† For closing the gap between expenses and rental income:


 Use improvements to increase the rent

 Split the mortgage in fixed and floating loans and reduce debts without penalty charges and with windfall money

 Save on maintenance and repair by using the right people for quality work

 Choose only tenants who fit to the rental



Property Management



Do-it-yourself approach or engage a property manager, you have to make that decision.† Sometimes you wonít have a choice because of a remote location of the rental or time limitations if you work in a full-time job.†


In summary when hiring an agent you obviously lose control over your investment and the cash-flow will drop. Importantly, you as owner remain liable for your investment. When working with an agent, do your homework, reference check etc - that is what successful landlords do. Good luck.




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