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For the first-time landlord using an agent, property manager or not what are the consequences? Stay the liabilities with the property investor when outsourcing responsibilities?



Novice Investorís Liabilities

First-Time Landlordís Preparation to fill a Vacancy



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Try instead three† basic rules for investors.



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Vacancy - looking for tenants


Klauster Blogs lead to a real person who worked as computer network architect for many years in different countries until retiring from IT and mastering a life as property investor and landlord.


The passion of sharing experiences comes from turning hobbies into income streams and business.† Helping people to avoid pitfalls and to be free to choose has been satisfying and most rewarding.


The philosophy to treat life, partnerships and hobbies as an investment has helped people in our circle. Life is a dream with a deadline, happiness comes from making the right choices and having realistic expectations.


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