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Rent or Own – What makes the difference?

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Why would you freeze your money into a mortgage account?


Everybody has possibly experienced it once it strikes like a flash of lightning - you need urgent cash. If you don’t own assets like a property, you won’t be able to borrow for a business or paying for an emergency case. The first point of difference —Assets do back up your likelihood, called Borrowing power.


The statement “Owning a property has a higher price tag than renting” is true considering the cash-flow at the time. But by paying off a mortgage over time your weekly expenses for housing decrease in contrast to rents. Winning is an endurance game.



Being in charge makes the difference


With Ownership you are in charge and in control making life more comfortable and cost efficient. For instance when renovating your home you manage the outcome. The freedom of having choices, an energy efficient and healthier home, a productive garden - whatever you own you can convert it into a productive asset.


Renting, you remain independent and flexible. If you can afford a high rental standard, your lifestyle might be exciting like driving an expensive car. After years of fun how much wealth would an expensive car have cumulated?



Home ownership and social benefits


If you look at the social side-effects, you’ll possibly prefer to live in residential areas with high level of home owner occupancy—knowing that home ownership creates strong communities defeating crime and anti-social behavior.




At some stage in Life—Rent or Own is the decision


Rent or own — follow our blog post’s discussions. Get insights and understandings about different views for making up your own mind, you cannot fail—there is no right and wrong— Visit the Blog Post Library.



Conventional wisdom is that homeowners on average tend to be more satisfied with their living conditions and are involved in their communities. Happiness and ownership are positively and statistically significantly related.

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