Convert a passive house into an active asset that works for you by using home technology for producing energy by a wind and solar equipment, and secure your home against attacks using video surveillance or online burglar alarms

Home Technology and Asset Protection

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Klauster Properties Limited  (KPL)

Rental Home with Solar Ventilation

Video Surveillance

Get paid for damage to your home?


High resolution day and night cameras connected to a DVR are very effective to catch the “bad guys”.  


Affordable cameras are sold up to 50 meters night vision. You can check the video surveillance system and recordings over the Internet from anywhere at any time. Since using that type of technology vandalism,  theft of building materials and related problems have been shrinking to a minimum.

Real pictures from recordings tell the stories and show a copper thief in action. Attacks are recorded by day in colour and in total darkness in black/white.


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Home Technology

Healthy Homes with Video Surveillance - well protected


Healthy Homes are ventilated and with heating. We prefer to install in older houses gas-flame heating and wood fires. Watching the flames, light and warmth tickling the skin and on the spot you have warm feelings. The combination of radiant and convection heat is ideal for older homes with low levels of heat retention.


Solar ventilation and air heaters are available in all sizes and excellent for removing cold stale air, condensation, or mould on walls and windows. Solar Ventilation operates with  zero  running cost.


Homes with Solar and Wind Power have matured. If you use solar and wind as home owner wisely you can reduce your electricity bill towards zero.  Here are tips how to transform your passive house into an active productive asset. Positive side-effects are independence and resilience in disastrous situations and selling electricity to the national power grid might be attractive, too.


This Swift Rooftop Wind Energy System™ has been designed as building-mountable installation kit. The interested reader can find detailed information about Swift Rooftop Wind Energy System on the Web.

Swift Rooftop Wind Generator
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