Klauster Properties Ltd supports motivated people who are looking for a rental home, furnished accommodation, permanent housing and information for making informed decisions.


About Klauster Properties Ltd.

Text Box: Wellington based company - we strive for the best possible outcome for all parties involved and do not hesitate sharing our views with you.

Our philosophy – good and happy tenants create happy landlords and vice versa.  We take your needs and our business seriously with confidence. 

We do Reference Checks — but in return you are welcome to do so alike.  

Founder of Klauster Businesses

Graduated in Information Technology, Klauster worked for more than 25 years for leading IT companies in different countries before founding Klauster Properties Ltd in 2006.

The specific of the NZ’s housing market has been the reason for developing professional interests in real estate as renting, home ownership and investing in in residential housing is challenging.

Inspired by successful New Zealanders, Klauster strongly believes that the conversion of dreams into reality gives people personal values and the potential for financial freedom. Goal setting, working out measurable steps and doing every day something that makes life a successful one.

A passion for helping others by sharing experiences, writing blog posts and articles, Klauster makes himself to talk about the principles and how to avoid pitfalls. His philosophy to treat life, partnerships and hobbies as an investment has helped many in his circle improving cash-flow. Feel free to talk to a real person loyal to his beliefs.

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Klauster Properties Ltd. P.O. Box   Wellington 6001


Office Phone:  +64 (0) 21-181-2073


Web   http://klausterproperties.info



Klauster Properties Limited  (KPL)

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