Klauster Properties Ltd supports motivated people who are looking for a rental home, furnished accommodation, permanent housing and information for making informed decisions.


About Klauster Properties Ltd.

Text Box: KPL is a Wellington based company providing furnished accommodation and rental properties. 

Our philosophy – good and happy tenants create happy landlords and vice versa.  We take your needs and our business seriously and deal with your request directly and with confidence.

For establishing trust—we do Reference Checks and encourage you doing so alike.  

Founder of Klauster Businesses

Klauster graduated in Information Technology and worked for leading IT companies and rented for more than 25 years in Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand before founding Klauster Properties Ltd in 2006. 

As experienced renter and proven landlord, we know the specific in NZ and why rental agreements fail. Obviously not the rental law (RTA) fails, people and relationships fail. NZ’s housing market has been the reason for developing professional interests in real estate when settling in Wellington.

Klauster strongly believes that the conversion of dreams into reality gives people personal values. Goal setting, working out measurable steps and doing every day something that makes life a successful one.

We have a passion for helping others, sharing experiences in blog posts and are available to talk about the principles to avoid pitfalls. Klauster’s philosophy to treat life, partnerships and hobbies as an investment has helped people in his circle to improve cash-flow and the quality of life. Feel free to talk to a real person loyal to his beliefs.


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Klauster Properties Limited  (KPL)

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