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Home ownership is a liability, financial commitment and lifestyle changing opportunity to take control over housing costs. Be inspired to cut costs by converting your home into a productive asset.


Cutting Costs

Convert your property into a productive asset

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Becoming a homeowner—what is on the settlement bill?


Congratulations—You just made it. But your financial commitment to own a home is a life changer, too. You have taken control—now you can root like a tree and control your housing costs. With your settlement bill you already paid the start-up annual levies for rates (and if any, the Body Corporate fee). You had legal fees and of course a bill for the insurance policy of your new home. It is up to you keeping up with maintenance/repair from day one. So, unfortunately bills are coming your way apart from your payments to the bank. You don’t need to look at the crystal ball to figure out that the costs of housing are higher than expected and are on the way up in years to come.  Well, renters can’t but homeowners have options to control housing costs. Look for tips and follow this blog.




Homeowner’s options to reduce housing costs


Well, we can’t change the world economy, the inflation and the climate— but as homeowner you have a lot of saving options. Let me ask you this;


· What do you think about life-time long free energy from the sun?

· Are you a keen gardener to grow healthy foods in your garden?

· Do you pay for a GYM membership or do you exercise in your backyard?

· Why would you drive with your kids to the pool if you can have one at home?

· Are you interested in warm and healthy living using technology?



These and more ideas on long-term will strengthening your financial position. Converting your home into a productive asset by changing the lifestyle is a further step to make the best out of your property by developing self-paying hobbies or and second income stream.  And still living in an self-managed healthy environment is priceless.



How to pay yourself?


What your life is like right now and what skills you might have—it doesn’t really matter. If interested, there are plenty of opportunities to save or create few Dollars for instance;


· DIY on house maintenance and repair (for one Dollar you spend expect saving at minimum two Dollars in return)

· Fruits and vegetables (even the smallest space can support a herb garden, and many plants grow well in pots like tomatoes, lettuce)

· Home improvements (we have been harvesting solar energy for more than 8 years—solar electricity, solar ventilation/heating and a complementary using a wind generator for cold and rainy days)

· Nature works for free such as composting organic waste, sea-weed as fertilizer and rain water

· Improving quality of life, active recreation and sharing fruits and vegetables with friends and neighbors—think about social benefits

· Feeling good by forming strong relationships, everything you enjoy doing in your home like gardening with kids and family has positive side effects and is a rewarding activity.

· Develop new hobbies, why not using the garage for something that pays for itself


The more fulfillment you get at home the more you might save on petrol not driving around and utilize your home to its full potential.


Yes, it takes self-control, planning ahead and paying extra fast down the mortgage, but the results are amazing being at one stage mortgage free. The possibilities are only restricted by your imagination. 


If you go one step further and extend your home by adding a sleep-out for renting seasonal B&B, you could create an income stream to subsidize your lifestyle. 




Take away

By being creative your house is capable to pay you. Reducing your energy consumption, developing a doctor’s bill-saving-lifestyle and using DIY as resources that brings smart homeowners ahead of the crowd. Be one of them, good luck.





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