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Bathrooms are one of the most expensive rooms of our homes. Find practical and timeless design tips for smaller budget bathroom renovations. Note, changing the complete bathroom layout and plumbing requires a building consent


Bathroom Renovation

Design vs. Budget Considerations

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Budget for a bathroom renovation



Homeowners find different reasons to renovate bathrooms, but the most common one is  when the lady of the house told you so – right? Well, as we all know kitchen and bathrooms are the most expensive rooms of in a house. So, setting a budget makes really sense for two reasons;


· A professional interior designer can show you different options by a given budget.

· New bathroom technology can transform the look and feel to affordable results.


On the bright side renovating a bathroom is like upgrading your lifestyle. The bathroom is the first room you enter in the morning by setting the mood for the entire day and at night it is the calming down and restorative place for your soul. That luxury has its price.



Design versus budget


When looking at bathroom designs it is very easy to be carried away by materials, comfort such as floor heating, lighting and sound systems. But often overlooked are practicality and serviceability. People who have already had to renovate a house once because of a leaking bathroom exactly know what I talk about.


Make sure that serviceability (accessible pipes and fittings) are part of the design to avoid


· Unexpected water damage (or hidden leaks), and

· Problems when upgrading of tap wear in future


Of course your budget will differ when renovating the main bathroom, an ensuite design for your home, guesthouse or investment property. In most cases you will choose a practical and timeless design that won’t need to be changed in near future.


For smaller budgets making minor surface changes, brightening up with fresh colors and matching new tap wear revitalize any bathroom. A beautifully framed mirror over the sink and a wall-mounted adjustable makeup mirror have amazing effects.




Tips and bathroom considerations


Heating—It is really important that a bathroom is warm and comfortable. It reduces steam and condensation.



 A frameless glass shower adds a timeless modern touch and is ideal for sporty and active people. If you have a big bathroom you might choose a bath tub and a shower. For limited space a glass shower cabin opens the room and makes it not only functional but also elegant and bright.



Bright Colors and Tiles make a small room looks bigger. Durable tiles pay off on long-term, are easy to clean and can match all different bathroom designs.



Lighting—Move away from one only spot light at the ceiling and place lights at the mirrors and general lighting from overhead fixtures.



Large mirrors are important to open up space especially in small bathrooms. You might attach functional smaller mirrors for the purpose of checking makeup, shaving etc.



Wooden floors properly sealed and stained are durable enough for normal bathrooms but floor tiles and PVC flooring have their benefits.



Accessories like towel bars, tissue holders, soap dishes, and robe hooks are useful items. Think about size, style and practicality. Important are decorative features and the ease of cleaning. Nowadays freestanding pieces like a vanity or bathroom cupboards are important design elements.



Conversion low pressure hot-water to main pressure; When renovating a bathroom and the house still has an older low pressure hot-water system that would be a good time to change to main pressure for a better showering experience. A low cost alternative would be a hot-water booster pump, details here.



Costs savings by design; When using European fittings and design you install only pipes hidden in walls and behind shower linings. Benefits;

· Fittings are accessible and easy to replace

· No hidden leaks

· Lower costs for maintenance and repair




Note, changing the complete bathroom layout and plumbing requires a building consent. If in doubt regarding building permissions consult the professionals.



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