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What is your house worth in a neighborhood nobody wants to live in? How can you avoid crime hot spots resulting in property devaluation?  Monitor crime statistics and follow these tips to protect the value of your home.


Property Values

Do you Know the Impact of Crime in your Neighborhood?

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What is your house worth in areas nobody wants to live?


Recently I have been on Jury Service and encouraged to be thinking about impacts of crime on neighborhoods and peoples’ lives. Crime only happens in TV, right? Wrong! Most people think about crime firstly after becoming a victim themselves. With awareness and common sense you can be prepared for everything. It is not so much about loss and damage, yes very annoying, but it is more the nasty intrusion into people’s lives or property. Victims are not feeling safe anymore.


Preparation is a vital step for crime prevention. Bad guys always look for easy targets and risk free money. When it comes to housing keeping vandalism, tagging and theft to a minimum inexpensive precautions can be taken. Video and online security can effectively secure your home in your absence. Nowadays you can stay in contact with your property by mobile/smartphone without using any security services.


Actually crime prevention starts already when choosing a home or residence. Make yourself familiar with the social climate in your chosen area for sensible reasons; you want to feel safe on the street, enjoy good neighborhood and live in a community that is desirable. The link between crime and property values is not always obvious. As soon as your home street is in the headlines, you will know I am talking about. If you need to sell, you have to deal with bargain hunters. In those days you will hate the collective knowledge of the Internet.



How to avoid being trapped by crime?


Suburbs with frequent reports of violence, noise, graffiti and burglaries are not neighborhoods people choose from. Property experienced people avoid them because of the negative impact on the re-sale value. As seller you might feel trapped and desperately accept a low offer only to move on. These days you can research online and check the crime statistics from the police. Here is another example getting a glimpse of media reports.



House hunter’s friend


As home buyer if you are not familiar with the surroundings but attracted by a low asking price that should call for precaution. I would check the number of previous owners  and take a closer look at the neighborhood.  Not considering the crime statistics can become an expensive experience when settling into a risky neighborhood.


We live in the computer age where innovation is moving forward so fast that the Internet became the main stream for obtaining information. Everyday new services go online worth to try for making informed decisions.


The police in UK for instance launched a website for home owners to address and map crime hotspots. Services like that make home buyers increasingly picky and it has a direct impact on the purchase price, too. When using smartphones and pocket devices you have access to crime stats and localized information at the fingertips. More importantly crime statistics signal  instability and even neighborhood deterioration, be aware.


Just as a tip aside very interesting and helpful are geographical hazard maps, too. Checking out risks areas prone to earthquakes,  floods, tsunamis, etc might impact your decisions.



Options for homeowners to tackle crime


Turning the neighborhood in your favor is possible when getting involved;


· Contact your City Council about what they offer to make streets safer

· Start or join a neighborhood watch group

· Use security technology, here information how to do that

· Stay in touch with neighbors and keep a list  of contact details, just in case you need help


Take Away

Burglary and crime don’t occur in isolation. Offenders often have a history of convictions for burglaries, dishonesty or violence. Assess your neighborhood. With sudden cases of burglaries, vandalism and graffiti tenants can (and will)  move away from these areas, but homeowners have to deal with that to protect  their street values:


· Check crime statistics and deal with ongoing issues before they go out of hand

· Note street appearance at day and night


Looking at a situation through eyes of fear, ignorance or past experience won’t help but common sense does—stay safe.



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