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Physical Staging draws people’s attention, creates emotional connections and visualizes how to use the space. Virtual home staging happens in 3D on the computer more cost effective with focus on image quality. What to choose and why?


Home Staging—Clever Selling

Physical Staging vs. Virtual Home Staging

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Staging draws people’s attention


Looking to buy or sell is more competitive in these days  than ever before and home staging is one of the techniques to draw people’s attention. Creating a very warm welcoming first impression by dressing an empty house creates strong emotional connections and supports people’s imagination how to use the space.


Staged homes attract more buyers and competition results in better outcomes for the vendor, well - that is the theory. As you can imagine the obvious problem is to get  people through the door before staging does its magic.



Visualization—buyer’s or seller’s problem?


Before listing a property for sale the seller has to decide whether the marketing concept includes staging or not , how to absorb the costs and for a good staging companies and related services. The problem is that not everyone has the creativity walking into an empty house and is able to picture which room is what.


When working out the marketing concept the seller’s problem is similar to buyer’s difficulty to unlock the potential of an empty home and overcome individual fixation. Sure, that is the home staging company’s role, but what is when the seller wants to minimise costs? Virtual home staging products can answer this question.

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Virtual Home Staging—3D Technology


In contrast to physical staging of an empty home virtual home staging is the more cost effective version by using 3D technology on the computer to place furniture, appliances and decorations. The beauty is that costs for virtual home staging are a fraction of a physical staging and the design and colours are flexible. Two more options:


· The seller can offer; if e.g. the prospective buyer is interested, a furniture package to be included. In this way the seller can pass on the showcase costs and the buyer moves into a home furnished as he/she wanted.


· The second reason for virtual home staging is marketing on the Internet. People these days look for a home by browsing the internet. Eye-catching photos with beautifully decorated rooms capture more interest before a buyer contacts a real estate agent.



Buying decisions are just changes of the emotional state


When making purchase decisions people compare “values”. Market values reflecting a price   that is lying within a range of similar properties have been sold recently. Ideally home buyers are expecting the property value to be a single indisputable number. However in reality the circumstances of the seller and  the emotional stage of the buyer determine  the purchase price.


Overall, it seems that dressing and staging amplifies the positive energy needed for choosing a new home and catching people’s emotion. It is like seducing the potential buyer to spend little bit more than they wanted.



Take away

Home staging is something to be considered to support the selling process, but also the willing buyer’s imagination may benefit from looking at colours and ideas how to use the space. Good for all parties involved—a property should be presented at its best. Good luck.




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