This series is for you as renter if you are interested in becoming a preferred tenant. Expressed views are reflecting more than 20 years of renting in different countries.


Renting or owning a home —certainly renters have a better cash-flow because of lower housing costs. If you want to have it all like city lifestyle, new built housing, travelling, a career and save for your retirement “nest egg”, follow these tips.

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Renting Furnished - Managed Apartments, furnished flats or hotels

· Hotels are easy to book for short-term accommodation, but what is with less expensive alternatives like serviced apartments and furnished flats offering more space and privacy?

27-Last update:  Fri, 15 May 2015

Agent or Landlord - Differences between agent, property manager and landlord?

· Bad experiences with agents or landlords are human’s faults. Know the differences between agent, property manager and landlord and follow these tips for a greater chance to maintain good relationships and enjoyable tenancies.

26-Last update:  Thu, 4 Sep 2014

What is wrong with New Zealand’s Rental Housing Stock?

· What is the plan to build more homes and upgrade or renovate dated housing? Why suffers the rental housing stock mostly? What is the politicians’ response in the election year 2014 to improve the housing shortage and poor quality of rental housing?

25-Last update:  Mon, 1 Sep 2014

Statistics 2013 - Are you scared to rent your home in future?

· Statistics from 2013 show a declining home ownership rate across all age groups, but why not so much in the age group aged over 60? Why is renting for longer the better way to manage financial risks?

24-Last update:  Mon, 1 Sep 2014

Using RSS for Klauster Blog Post Updates

· What is RSS, how to use RSS Feeds and how to setup for Klauster Blog updates? How to use the advantages of RSS feeds for subscribers?

23-Last update:  Fri, 29 Aug 2014

Try before buy - Home Ownership = Housing Wealth vs. Lifestyle?

· What is the common misinterpretation that countries with high housing wealth are better off than others? Why have countries with lower rates of owner-occupied homes also the lowest unemployment rates?

22-Last update:  Fri, 29 Aug 2014

Trends for Renters - Result of the Housing Crisis?

· Housing crisis or infrastructure crisis that is the question. International trends show that the percentage of renters increases alongside the housing shortage in cities. Is renting the "way of life" for Millennials who follow good paid jobs?

21-Last update:  Mon, 25 Aug 2014

Rental Housing Market – Tenancy Act and market rent comparison

Market rent comparison – where stands New Zealand, and why does the legal frame work around the RTA not really meets tenant’s and landlord’s expectations?

20a-Last update:  Mon, 25 Aug 2014

Market Rents—expensive or not, get Renters Value for Money?

· Get renters value for money and why do houses look in home-proud countries differently? Do market rents based on the number of bedrooms reflect the rental value?

20-bLast update:  Mon, 25 Aug 2014

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