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This article series is for you if you are a landlord and property investor or interested in doing so in near future. Home owners and property investors were rubbing their hands with glee at the rate of capital gain they enjoyed on the back of the last housing boom. Now, time will tell and what is sustainable in future.

Many homeowners have become landlords or property investors more or less accidentally. Renting out a family home is one of the responses to changes in life. If you are one of them that blog might be for you.



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Property Investors fail, Clichés and the Past - Roadblocks for Success?

· Why do property investors fail and how to deal with reality? The change of markets and relationships are part of the deal, clichés are roadblocks, what can you do?

ll12 Last update:  Fri, 29 May 2015

Passive Income from rental properties - a proven concept to wealth and prosperity

· Why do people on salary or wages never make Lifetime Money and why is investing in Passive Income from rental properties a proven concept to wealth and prosperity?

ll9 Last update:  Sep 2017

Good Renters searching online - Having a Website or missing out

· The Internet changed businesses and people, have property investors and landlords changed too? Renters and house hunters are searching online, is your website the centre of your business? If not, some tips to get started.

ll10 Last update:  Sep 2017

Confident or Scared of Switching Banks?

· Does being loyal to the bank pays off or is it better switching banks? And why would you hire a Broker? Become confident through choice of actions.

ll11a Last update:  Aug 2017

Tips for supporting your loan application

· How to avoid that the bank decides to cut you off and declines you loan application? Know how to get a loan approval, split mortgages in fixed and floating loans and use interest rate changes up and down for your benefits

ll11b Last update:  Aug 2017

Renovation and Cash-Flow - What are the Considerations and Options?

· Renovations – a problem for homeowners and renters who face rising housing costs and property investors try to convert cash-flow negative investments into performing rentals.

ll13 Last update:  Fri, 8 Jan 2016

Expenses versus Cash-Flow - Compensation for Damage and Wear &Tear

· For property investors and landlords is the question crucial—what can be passed on to tenants as compensation for damage and what is fair wear and tear? How can you avoid careless damage and manage wear and tear?

ll14 Last update:  Fri, 15 Apr 2016


Tenancy Law Changes 2016 - Hard Times ahead for Landlords and Investors

· Are the recent changes to the residential property market law changes with a stick? Do politics have sent again wrong signals or will this time law changes resolve the housing crisis?

ll15 Last update:  Wed, 8 Jun 2016

Passive property investor or active  landlord

· Passive property investing is often misunderstood, read what the meaning is and how to manage a passive income stream.

ll16 Last update:  Jun 2017





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