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Sharpen your mind and stay on top of the housing market


This article series is for you if you are a landlord and property investor or interested in doing so in near future. Home owners and property investors were rubbing their hands with glee at the rate of capital gain they enjoyed on the back of the last housing boom. Now, time will tell and what is sustainable in future.

Many homeowners have become landlords or property investors more or less accidentally. Renting out a family home is one of the responses to changes in life. If you are one of them that blog might be for you.



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If you didn’t get recent updates, here’s a list of some of the blogs you missed:


Property Investor’s Strategies - How to start as Property Investor making money?

· How to start as property investor, what strategies are used and how to combine capital growth, rental income, cash flow and tax deductions to make money?

p1 Last update:  July 2017

Taxation Rules for Landlords - Being taxed when making loss

· Making loss and being taxed is a risk, when not knowing the taxation rules. Know how to spend on home improvements, maintenance or repairs and claim rent-deductible expenses.

p2 Last update:  July 2017

Investing in Apartments - Multi-Unit Blocks, Body  Corporate and Strata Title

· Good Apartments—How to find them, what are strata title, body corporate, the right multi-unit block and multi-storey developments? Note the different business interests affecting the yield of an investment apartment

p3 Last update:  July 2017

Investment Apartment Buyers - Winners and Losers

· The attraction to buy at lower entry level for good cash-flow (positive net yield) comes with risks. Are you conversant with due diligence and what are the buying rules for cash-flow investment apartments?

p4 Last update:  June 2017

Buying apartments off the plan sucks

· Buying off the plan - pay a deposit, wait few years and settle with capital gain, or sell with profit, right? Wrong! Investing or speculation? Follow investor’s rules when looking at residential or commercial apartments, here are same considerations.

p5 Last update:  Nov 2016

Pitfalls on Apartments - Due diligence on Apartments and Buildings

· Diligence process, DD Process on apartments is complex for dealing with Body Corporate, building management and unit title share on the building. No the differences when buying off the plan, a brand new or second hand apartment.

p6 Last update:  Jun 2017

Losing money on Apartments - Where go Apartment Owners wrong?

· Buying a brand new apartment by trusting the selling agent, tolerating a passive body corporate or running an investment on auto-pilot, where losing apartment investors mostly money?

p7 Last update:  Jun 2017

Property Management - Private Landlord vs. Landlord business

· Are private landlords disadvantaged? Know the rules, costs and implications for being a property investor and landlord and keep the priorities for managing a landlord business.

pm1 Last update:  Jun 2017

Creditor – Are unpaid bills or debt recovery a problem?

· Tips for creditor’s debt collection for unpaid bills, compensation for damage and reimbursements, read about debt recovery procedure and debt collection services

pm2 Last update:  Jun 2017

Tenant Screening process - Photo ID and Credit Checks

· Why is tenant screening a part of the tenancy application, what is included and why would you do that? Are tenants disadvantaged or would you see it as win-win situation for both parties?

pm3 Last update:  Jun 2017

Property Maintenance - Protect your Investment and Increase Cash-flow

· How to improve the ROI (return on investments) for rental properties and what role play renters to increase the cash-flow? Look after your investment and set transparent rights and obligations on the tenancy agreement for both parties.

pm4 Last update:  Jun 2017

Property Investor’s first Investment - How much time and money can you afford?

· For the first investment property the hardest part is the preparation. Property investments have to produce income. What are the three basic rules and how to get into the first property investment?

ll1 Last update:  Aug 2017

Free Internet Access – Are you as Landlord on Risk?

· The Infringing File Sharing - Amendment Act 2011 put landlords on risk, who provide free Internet access. How to deal with that and limit Internet costs read here

ll2 Last update:  Jun 2017

Sufficient Income to quit the day job - Leverage money, time and knowledge

· How to use leverage in the right direction for getting great results when using other people’s time, money and knowledge?  How to avoid that leverage backfires by losing control and being disconnected from the business?

ll3 Last update:  Aug 2017

Why do property Investors fail? - Three Rules for Beginners in Real Estate

· Why does buying investment properties differ from purchasing a private home, why do investors fail or losing the entire investment portfolio and what are the three simple rules to succeed?

ll4 Last update:  Jun 2017

Low Hot-Water Pressure - Inexpensive solution to boost Hot-Water pressure

· How to fix low hot-water pressure or boost low hot-water pressure investor friendly? Tips for the hot-water booster pump installations.

ll5 Last update:  Jun 2017

Wanting to be a Property Investor - How to get started as Beginner Investor?

· For getting started as beginner residential property investor what obstacles have you to overcome, what are the nagging questions, and where to find help and expert advice?

ll6 Last update:  Jun 2017

Seller’s Agent, Your Problem - How to make an Offer and get a timely Response?

· How to get the seller’s agent working for you and accept your purchase offer? Learn about the offer making process, negotiations and tips to obtain a conditional contract

ll7a Last update:  Aug 2017

Offer accepted, Conditional Contract or nothing?

· Considerations and checks before signing the conditional contract, what happens at settlement date when being unable to settle and tips to avoid penalties or legal fees

ll7b Last update:  Aug 2017

Asset or Liability - Property Investor’s Risks and Liability

· Invest for income (cash-flow) to pay your bills or invest your day job earnings in negative geared properties by speculating for capital gains, where to draw a line between assets, liabilities and investor’s risks?

ll8 Last update:  Dec 2016


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