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Klauster Blogs lead to a real person, IT professional, investor, landlord and business owner with interests in technologies, properties and trading.



His passion, making experiences available and helping people like you, comes from extensive travelling and the principles of life—how to avoid pitfalls in unfamiliar territory when investing or forming relationships.


The philosophy to treat life, partnerships and hobbies as an investment has helped people in his circle. Life is a dream with a deadline, happiness comes from making the right choices and having realistic expectations.


Come along and share your views—learning from each other gives confidence

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Having a family and growing old is quite a journey.  Keeping life in balance - time and relationships, income and expenses, renting or owning a home.


Our Home is what we are - it is our life. The entire cycle of renting, home ownership and investing in properties is driven by stages in life, experiences and housing politics. I am glad you found this blog site as we can learn from you if you would like to share your thoughts. We look with different eyes—as Renter, Homeowner or Investor, what are Your views?

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look for an affordable place to live in, bring up a family and secure their financial well-being. That is challenging because of housing politics, the economy and homes are seen as an investment - overpriced, high taxed, low value for money.

Housing Politics

Worldwide the home ownership rates peaked years ago and housing demographics have been changing since. That housing politics hit people’s nerves is still the majority of which are home owners who have their savings in housing wealth and increasing numbers of renters who have been  priced out of the market or those who are adapting faster to a changing housing market.  That is why housing is used  by politicians to connect to a wider audience of voters and keep housing on the news agenda.

Property investments

are widely misunderstood if you believe the media. It does not go like getting rich quickly with passive income and capital gain. Why does the majority of investors give up at some stage if it would be easy money? Follow these tips to belong to the successful ones.



might be the lifestyle of choice  or a budget decision. International trends show that renting is becoming the "way of life" for people who want to have it all; new built housing, hire purchases, oversea travelling and a career.