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Klauster Properties Ltd (KPL) is welcoming you if you want to rent a home, look for furnished short-term accommodation, or buy a home for your family. The housing market is filled with conflicting information, try our blog posts for being challenged and making informed decisions. It is just time you have to invest, however the rewards can be huge when avoiding pitfalls or making moneywise decisions.  Thank you for visiting our home page.


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The housing market is something for everyone, for you as home owner, renter or investor. The only question is - are you skilled enough to make the best out of your situation?

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The housing market has changed and is going to change further


Renting might be a trendy lifestyle or budget decision, however if you want to be the preferred tenant and value for money, you need to adjust to changing conditions driven by the RTA. For information try this link.


Home owners don’t need to be worried as up-to-date homes in good location will always be in demand in any market. Taking advantage of upcoming opportunities as buyer or seller, you need to know such changes for taxation, finance and market values. This information will help you with.


For property investors and landlords—there is a fine line between making loss or profit due to low yields, unplanned vacancies, damaged rentals, and constantly changing rules and regulations.  Access link


Housing Politics are targeting investors and affecting landlords more than in one way like definitions of tax deductible expenses, costs to be capitalised and depreciation. Start your research here.

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