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The housing market has changed and is going to change further!

Look at the basics ó basics donít change!


Renting at some stage in life is for most of us an unavoidable situation and changes always create controversy. Renters who understand the housing dynamics are winning tenants, be one of them.


Home ownership as the ultimate goal is under threat due to diminishing house affordability and difficulties to get finance. Looking at the bright side.


Investing in properties has become an exposure† to all sorts of accusation, changed rules and regulations driven by politics.† Ironically, misguided voters who donít follow the basics pay the price. Be informed and not one of them!


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Klauster Properties Ltd (KPL) is welcoming you if you want to rent a home, look for furnished accommodation, or have an interest in home ownership and property investments.

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Klauster Blogs lead to a real person, an experienced renter for more than 25 years in Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and became a landlord/investor† before founding Klauster Properties Ltd in 2006.


The passion of making experiences available and helping people to avoid pitfalls has been rewarding by forming lasting relationships.


Klausterís philosophy to treat life, partnerships and hobbies as an investment has helped people in our circle. Life is a dream with a deadline, happiness comes from making the right choices by having realistic expectations.


Donít blame, boost your confidence!