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Wellington city life, beaches and bush — we are able to assist planning your visit.

In case you are interested in holiday accommodation, corporate accommodations,

short-term accommodation

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Klauster Properties Limited  (KPL)


Klauster Properties Ltd (KPL) offers furnished accommodation, apartments, unfurnished homes for rent, leased residential properties and is open to sell or buy homes

your  specialist in residential properties.


Looking for Healthy Housing—Why not finding it here?


KPL is welcoming you — wanting to rent furnished accommodation, family homes and buy or lease houses. For website visitors, who are interested in the housing market, KPL maintains a library with blog posts and information about renting, investing and home ownership. KPL is challenging your views and passing experiences on to you for one reason—learn from other people’s mistake, make informed decisions and be willing to share this page with people you care, much appreciated.

House Hunt for renting or buying

How to get started looking for a good Rental or Home for Sale?

Renting vs. home ownershipFurnished Accommodations

Learn from other people’s mistake, make informed decisions

Properties for rent


furnished accommodation and short-term rentals for your holiday stay, contract work  or temporary assignment


The housing market has changed, we too.

RENT or OWN—It makes no difference to us. Our philosophy is that good homes for rent or sale are in demand in any market. The only stumbling block for many home buyers is finance. We are able to offer you lease contracts and time to sort your affairs — be a winner, talk to us. KPL endeavours to be transparent and our blog posts are responses to the housing market. You don’t need to agree with us when challenging your views, but it might help you to make informed decisions.


Good deals and happy tenancies have two satisfied parties. Be one of them.

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Home Buying Process — be confident when making an offer, use due diligence to get value for money

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